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Pascal Glissmann is a designer, media artist, and educator based in New York. Since 2001, he has held academic positions alongside his creative practice in Cologne, Hong Kong, Beirut, and New York.
        Internationally recognized collaborations include ⬀ OBJECT AMERICA (with Selena Kimball), ⬀ The Phaistos Project — Forty-five Symbols (with Andreas Henrich and Olivier Arcioli), and ⬀ electronic life forms (with Martina Hoefflin).
        Pascal is currently full-time faculty at ⬀ Parsons School of Design, director of the AAS Communication Design program, and co-director of the ⬀ Observational Practices Lab.


The Natural, the Artificial,
and the Speculative



Thoughts & Overview

The Visual Archive (class)
⬀ Practices of Observation (class)
⬀ The Phaistos Project
⬀ Speak Music Speak Design (class)
⬀ Microhabitats (class)
Thesis 2 (class)



2004 Analog Robotics & Concepts of Life
            cyclebot was born with an acoustic sensor. He had a strong mind at first. He knew his paths and only started to cycle when he heard strange noises. Now he is getting old and slow and cycles a lot. Somedays he does it for hours: standing on his legs just turning his front around and around. The little movie featuring cyclebot is a serious documentation about senseless life, no concept and no direction..