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Pascal Glissmann
is a designer, media artist, and educator based in New York and Berlin. Read more


Atlas of Everyday Objects
Observational Practices Lab
The Phaistos Project
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The Natural, the Artificial,
and the Speculative



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⬀ Radical Records of Nature
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Pascal Glissmann
is a designer, media artist, and educator based in New York and Berlin. Read more


Atlas of Everyday Objects
Observational Practices Lab
The Phaistos Project
Speculative Mineralogy


The Visual Archive
Radical Records of Nature

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–––––– Atlas of Human Impact (Vol I)
In past years, the most recent epoch in Earth’s history has often been described as the Anthropocene. To collectively look at the traces of this new, yet unofficial, geological epoch, the contributors of this atlas—artists, designers, and social scientists—met virtually on March 11, 2021. Over the period of 24-hours, a total of 36,322 permutations (atlas plates) were created through synchronous and asynchronous collaboration using the platform Open Collab. This publication introduces only a fraction of the output that has been generated.

–––––– Archive as Method: Radical Records of Nature
UTNS 5143 (course catalog) is a transdisciplinary critical studio open to all graduate students from across The New School university. Co-taught with Selena Kimball. Photo by Galen Crout on Unsplash

–––––– Atlas of Looking at Water
Initiated by the Observational Practices Lab Parsons, “Looking at Water” begins with a commonly overlooked object–a glass of water–and explores how artists and scientists use the tools and methods of their practice to observe it and document the results. Visual by Patrick Macdonald.
Collaboration with Selena Kimball

–––––– Atlas of Speculative Mineralogy
The Atlas of Speculative Mineralogy revisits practices and visions of 17th/18th century naturalists through today’s machine learning models to merge the natural, the artificial, and the speculative.

–––––– Atlas of Everyday Objects — In the Age of Global Social Isolation | #objectsofmyisolation
The Observational Practices Lab Parsons invites to share a photo of nine objects whose meaning has changed during lockdown. Read this article on It’s Nice That to learn more. 
Collaboration with Selena Kimball

–––––– electronic life forms
e—l—f inhabits the intersection of technology, art & science to explore basic concepts of artificial life through digital and electronic craft. Website.
Co-Initiator • Design • Electronic Craft • Collaboration with Martina Höfflin

–––––– colmena
colmena is an “electronic-life-forms” installation. A swarm of one hundred creatures settles in the trees of the Mediterranean park upon the hills of Palma where Joan Miró used to live and find his inspiration. Website.
Design • Electronic Craft • Collaboration with Martina Höfflin

–––––– Practices of Observation
The publication documents process and outcomes of the class “Practices of Observation”—a transdisciplinary graduate class at The New School, New York. More images on observationalpractices.org.
Design • Editing • Collaboration with Selena Kimball

–––––– Field School Berlin
Parsons students: send me an email through your New School account for infos!

–––––– Risographed Visual Archive
Handcrafted (risograph) time-stamped curated collection of projects developed by subcologne over the last 20 years.

Object America is a research project to investigate Observational Methods, from the scientific to the absurd, that reveal unseen histories told by everyday objects and speculate about the future of the concept “America”.
The Online Publication documents the contributions of invited guest researchers.
Co-Initiator • Design • Editing • Collaboration with Selena Kimball


The catalog “Nightvision” introduces both work and methods of Brooklyn-based visual artist Selena Kimball.
Design • Collaboration with Selena Kimball

–––––– Forty Five Symbols #1—#6
Risographed magazine published by The Phaistos Project. More images: 45symbols.com 
Concept • Design •  Editing • Collaboration with Andreas Henrich & Olivier Arcioli

–––––– fridayfonts
fridayfonts is an open source platform introducing experimental fonts (most of them developed by students in my experimental type classes), demonstrating  usage, and offering free downloads for non-commercial usage. fridayfonts.com 
Concept • Digital Product Design •  Implementation

–––––– 45 Symbols | The Phaistos Project
Global initiative to document traces of the anthropocene through visual language. Exhibitions, Publications, Competitions:  45symbols.com 
Co-Director • Design • Concept • Collaboration with Andreas Henrich & Olivier Arcioli

–––––– Talking About Seeing
Publication & documentation of the Symposium “Talking About Seeing” organized by the Observational Practices Lab, Parsons, and the Institute for Art and Art Theory at the University of Cologne.
Art Direction: Pascal Glissmann, Design: Sachi Chandiramani & Paula Volchok. More images

–––––– one magazine
UI/UX and branding for the online magazine “one.” Commissioned by Buero fur Brauchbarkeit for Rewe Group. 
Digital Product Design • Branding

–––––– cyclebot
Cyclebot is an analog creature that was born with an acoustic sensor. The movie featuring cyclebot is a documentation about senseless life, no concept and no direction. Seriously. 
Experimental Electronics

–––––– Visual Archive